new album coming soon

the new album is almost out, so here's a couple of words about it:
the recording sessions for this album were kind of unusual. at certain points the working material was 30+ tracks, including song-type songs, extended jams, meticulous instrumentals and short experimental tracks. it was a bit crazy at times.
because of this the direction of the album was also undecided until about a month and a half before the release. depending on the week, I was inclined to release a double album that included pretty much everything I had been working on; or release an album of psychedelic jams and fusion instrumentals; or it could have been an album with songs and little snippets here and there.

in the end I decided to go with a tried and true approach for me: a bit of this and a bit of that. in complete opposition to this I had almost no working titles for the album. the one I eventually chose came to mind very recently and, granted, it is a pretty silly title, but I like the sound and the contradiction in it and it was a hundred times better and catchier than any of the three I considered before.

overall I am pleased with the result, even though I am absolutely burned out on the material - but that is the price you pay when you do everything and happens with every album. the sound is probably cleaner than previous albums, but I think it still sounds like handwrist and it won't feel out of place in my discography.
so here's a teaser and stay tuned.